January 15, 2008

Went to longhouse

Last Sunday my family and I went for the priestly ordination at a longhouse at Suai, which is located somehow 100 kilometers away from downtown Miri.

Very far, and the journey is never easy as well.

Some part of the road in unpaved, and rain caused chaos along the roads. At times we didn't really know where were we going.

Even Dad has to help to pull up 2 cars from the pits, which he described as "as easy as ABC." He's really a pro in off-road driving.

After lot's of chaotic travels, it's really relieving that we are finally there.

That BIG banner shows how important is this to the people here.

That's the longhouse, a tradition to the rural Sarawakians. Maybe not that rural because there's paved car parks around here. Bearing in mind, it's Government's political stronghold. Haha....

Putting aside the political stuffs, actually I like this place and the people here. They may not be very modern, but their courtesy really left me a great impression.

Many parishioners came from all over Miri Diocese to attend this ordination, which is always held at highest esteem, moreover this is much more significant to the longhouse people. They have a "FATHER" among themselves. SO cool...

But then, having been seated from very far away from the altar. I can hardly see anything, including the ordination process itself. Even the entire ceremony is using Iban. I was so blur about everything. How disappointing.

Nevertheless, I have a great time there. It was an amazing experience to discover what's my vocation that God's has given me. I can do nothing without God's grace. It's really really true.

I wish I can become fishers of men, too....

God bless you all!

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