April 25, 2008

5 Super Easy Ways to Save our Planet

Warning: This could be another lame post that will piss you off. Viewer's discretion advised. LOL

In support of the recent Earth Day, let me share to you what I saw on Youtube. Mind you, this video is even featured to viewers around the world.

Enjoy this little superman.

Isn't he cute? Chubby-looking? And saving the Earth doesn't really sound hard, isn't it?

However I am deeply disappointed with the comments there. They're really harsh. They seem to not care about themselves and the future of this living place. They even claimed that global warming has ended since 1998. All those negative thinkings are really absurd.

That's why I hate Youtube. It's a good video-sharing website, but it's crowded with people who abuse it. Abuse it for porn, vulgar, illicit stuffs and so on. I hate it.

Not only we should save our planet, we should save ourselves too.

God bless you all!

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snowswallow said...

You can start saving the earth by doing something yourself tough :D

Start your own recycling at home.