April 23, 2008

Yum Yum~~

I sneaked out from house to the airport again due to intense boredom just now. I'll tell you all on I like to go to airport so much next time.

This sneaking out didn't disappoint me because I found this great food, AT AIRPORT! Check this out!



So cool! This is what I really craved for in a food stall, a really unique taste and yet still affordable! I regretted that I ate this too fast just now.

Please don't think that the sausage inside is the normal hot-dogs we buy from the supermarkets. NOOOO. The sausages are specially, freshly made from chicken and beef, and can have different kind of toppings!

Mind you, those sausages are larger than usual too! At least twice as big for the regular, and 4 times larger for the large one! Wow!

Given a price starting from 7 bucks, not a bad price for a special food like that!

So head on to 1901 Stall at Miri Airport Ground Floor and experience the most real and fantastic hotdog ever in Miri!

It's really the food for FRIENDSHIP!

God bless you all!


= FLoReNcE = said...

I never noticed there's 1901 in the Miri airport. Newly opened?

Yes...agreed with u, 1901 hotdog bun is just so delicious, especially the Coney Dog. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Where are you staying? Got hotdog 1901 but no baskin robins....hehhe... =)

Anonymous said...

Re Malaysian Dreamgirl. A couple of comments made today in the 14th April 2008 entry of Ringo's blog (www.cheeserland.com) may NOT be authentic.
Friends & fans of Ringo should contact her home telephone number & clarify the matter with her mother.

3POINT8 said...

I like the texas ted from 1901