November 27, 2008

Hope for a new start

For my team Arsenal. The recent turmoils and crisis are off. Hope the new captain Cesc Fabregas will bring in new hope.

Lot's of my friends who supported other teams admire him too. Young, handsome, and super-passer.

He's so important in last Champions League match against Dynamo Kiev. Though I only watched the last 15 minutes of the match (shame on me for being too sleepy), I knew he's simply brilliant.

His long, pin-point accurate pass to Bendtner,


Wow, sexy body... teeheehee... he's not supposed to take off his shirt la...

I was freaking happy. After all these "dut", Arsenal has found something back. Confidence and togetherness. And most importantly, A FREAKING WIN.

Big relief.

When you see your team walks out to the field, it will always be an upbeat feeling. Don't you think?

I will always support Arsenal. No matter what you people say out there. :)

God bless you all!

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