January 12, 2009

Every student should apply this card

Especially East Malaysians who are studying in the West and always in need of air travels. Same goes West Malaysians who are studying in the East.


GRADS, student card program from Malaysia Airlines. It's a very good program, tailor-made for students!

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that they will give 50% discount on all domestic routes! Isn't this great enough to be celebrated?

Of course, the 50% is discounted from the full fare price, not from the prices advertised as "low-fares" in newspapers and television. And it may still end up being higher price with Airasia.

But hey, with MAS you get 20 kg luggage allowance, seat arrangement, same day stand-by, in flight food and beverages and lot's more! Nice isn't it?

Plus going through KLIA is much more enjoyable than at LCCT. Anyone who has gone through LCCT will know how it is. Haha....

The thing I wanna highlight is THAT 50% DISCOUNT. Nothing can beat that.

More information please go to Malaysia Airlines GRADS website! Or can also ask me in chat box or comments!

God bless you all! With GRADS, you can fly! Ehehe.....

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