March 7, 2009

Cheap rechargeable batteries

Ever since I bought my new camera, I have always considered to buy some rechargeable batteries. It's just simply more economical, despite being higher priced than the crappy regular alkaline batteries.

So started my high and low search from everywhere possible. In the end, I resorted to buying batteries locally, in The Store, Kangar.

No, I bought the batteries only. The charger is given FREE when I bought the camera. And yeah I know I looked very ugly and seems like I want to eat you all right now. Hehehe....

I still think it's really a bargain because 6 rechargeable batteries only cost me 44 bucks! FAR FAR cheaper than other leading brands (like Energizer)! Yeah it's cheaper because of its lower capacity (1600mAh is not that high anyway), but hey, I have 6 batteries bo!

With that, I have 8 rechargeable batteries in my arsenal. Looks like I am all set for all out camera attack without even need to worry about batteries anymore. Hehehe...

Just wanna ask though, is it that alkaline batteries last much longer than rechargeable (whether NiMH or NiCd)? Somebody enlighten me please.....?

Anyway I will be heading to KL tomorrow evening by train. I'll be back on Monday afternoon. Hopefully I can write something nice about that trip. Hopefully I can come back safely and unharmed. :)

Love you all and God bless! Signing off.


Anonymous said...

The rechargeable battery, if you want to use for Digital Camera, you need to go for higher MAH such as GP 2700MAH. The Higher number means longer lasting. This will last longer than Alkaline batteries on the market. But for higher capacity rechargeable batteries you need to depend whether your charger can fully charge the batteries or not.

Mark said...

don't forget to buy mine!!!! XD

Mark said...

What type of battery you buy o??Nickel-metal hydride or cadmium??better is NiMH because home already have a NiMH charger