April 7, 2009

Review on MAS and Tune Hotel

PS: Seriously I damn need to study now! I totally screwed up my digital test just now, and I still don't know whether I gonna screw up again. :(

Yeah I have just came back from that F1 race in Sepang, but before I start anything about that, I just wish to share my experiences BEFORE it's all began.

I rushed all the way from Church in Alor Star to catch my flight to the capital.

Even the aeroplane has been waiting for me already.

It's a pretty full load on this Malaysia Airlines flight. And I have to say, I was very satisfied with them on that flight.

Trying to have fun with the old safety card. Hmmm...

Demo how to use life jacket... I think they are really good, and shows you this is MAS standard. Funny, friendly, jovial, caring...

What I get in the flight. Actually I ate 4 packets of peanuts. Their peanuts are top class. Munching them made the flight gone past swiftly but enjoyable. :)

The magazine provided on board. Still OK but very wordy inside.

This is the seat I covet, Business Class. Better service for higher price. Hmmm...

Bearing in mind that this flight only costed me 54 bucks, yeah that's a damn good deal. Thumbs up for MAS this time.

An hour later I arrived KLIA. As ever it's a damn cool airport.

Especially for this damn cool travalletor. It's the only thing that you can walk like flying. LOL.

And so I proceeded to Tune Hotel which is located at LCCT.

It was opened on March 20th, so it's still a relative new hotel around KLIA. Certainly it's a more budget option than Pan Pacific or Concorde Inn nearby.

Front desk, simple looking, and NEW.

The lobby is not that grand as of other hotels, but hey, it's good enough already! Plus it has WiFi for free!

This is it!

Tada... open sesame!

My first impression... The bed is filling up ALL THE ROOM! Which make the room feeling very small.

Toilet with a small towel provided. Space seems small as well.

BIG SINK with all my junks. LOL

Shower room. I tell you, the hot water is really HOT!! And the shower is freaking strong!!! So good!

Some kind of table, used to put laptops or anything.

Card slot, which also contains credit for air-conditioning.

Since I didn't buy air-cond, this is the only thing that keep me cool.

Safety box. It's important to store my valuable belongings.

This 7-11 is so convenient. Can buy whatever I want to eat. Plus, there's 2 restaurant (not operated by Tune Hotel) there too!

Tune Hotel is a hotel where it only gives you 5-star-bed to sleep and strong shower. It does not provide many fancy services, but only those that you need the most.

For the night's sleep for 55 bucks like that, yeah I am quite satisfied too. Just that that night I could not sleep that well. Hmmm...

Any questions can always ask me at comments of chat box! Thanks for making it to read this far!

God bless you all!


Jeoffry Nasir said...

Any questions can always ask me at comments of chat box! Thanks for making it to read this far!

I hope you don't mind if i use your comment box.
I have this undefined hatred for chatboxes =) my messages always seem to drown in other people's messages and the owner of the blog never replies.

you said questions but I'm here to comment =D

2. Finally,someone who blogged about their stay at a Tune Hotel.
3. Those flight attendants demonstrating the use of safety equipments?I wonder why I ALWAYS pay attention to them no matter how many time I have seen them before.=)

snowswallow said...

Yup. Tune Hotel is nice hotel...I have stayed before at the KL one..

Btw..is the hotel very near to the LCCT terminal?

haru said...

i like their peanut too.not too salty. its tasty. :)

whyu cant slept well khoo? did u miss me?hehe :P

Your Humble Servant said...

[haru] yeah their peanuts is just top class... and they stewards keep on offering me more and more peanuts... that's MAS standard... can't sleep well... don't know... even finish a novel also can't sleep well...

[snowswallow] yeah i agree with you. it's quite near for me la, just that you need to walk through food garden and POS malaysia la... not that far i should say...

[jeoffrey nasir] thanks man... and i DO reply you here... hehehe... yeah me too as well.... they just catch our attention...

Jeoffry Nasir said...

teehee =)

haru said...

yeah. i know why u cant sleep well.u miz me.

lol xP

Your Humble Servant said...

[jeoffrey] hehehehe....

[haru] now i know who you are... erm i miss somebody else la, not you sorry man...

Jeoffry Nasir said...


so here goes...

marie's father has 5 daughters :

1. chacha
2. cheche
3. chichi
4. chocho
5. ?

-scroll down, or uhh think of the answer first,and then look-




if you thought chuchu is the answer,
then you are wrong.

the 5th daughter is marie=)

Somethin' Urby Creative Team said...

Hi, we would like to use your photos in our blog -would that be ok with you?