April 13, 2009

Sad story after F1 Malaysia

Hello everyone. It's been a while already that I updated something because I am terribly busy with assignments and tests. This study week also doesn't look like study week because there's still a lot of classes coming up. :(

Anyway, I just wanna tell my sad story after the race which I blogged in my last post.

It's all started when the race is red-flagged due to poor weather conditions. By that time it's 1800 hours sharp.

What makes me unhappy is that the FIA (race organizers) was too crazy on money that they put the race at 5pm, a time where rain (could be an ugly one) is always a possibility at this time of the year. Not only me, all other foreigners that I have met expressed the same concerns.

Face this. Nobody likes to watch a race that is shortened and abandoned.

Fair enough. The race was declared abandoned one hour after the red flag. So cruel on us there. So cruel.

And I knew my time is so limited to get to the airport. So I walked very fast to the exit.

Sadly, there were so many people there waiting for the bus! No order at all! I even heard some foreigners saying "stupid old Malaysians.... what systems is this...." Everyone was trying their best to squeeze into the bus (me also squeezing too!) Situation was very ugly.

One even told me to just forget about my flight at 2000 hours, I will never make it. And so it did. I just blew it.

Even that flight's boarding pass is still with me intact. Never got to use it. :( Sad.

I only got to KLIA at 2110 hours. I just totally missed it. If I had gone after the red flag, maybe I could still make it. I was bitterly devastated that time.

With a sad heart, I took a bus to Puduraya to search a bus home. That place is always noisy. As I walked through the counters, many came to me asking... yelling...

Person 1: Dik mahu pergi mana... SP? Butterworth? Alor Star? Ipoh? Mahu pergi mana??

Me: *just wave hand and walk pass*

Person 2: Hey mahu pergi mana? JB? Singapore? bla bla bla...

Me: *again wave hand*

Person 3: Dik mahu pergi mana... cakap saja mahu pergi mana... dik... dik...

Me: *eupted already, said loudly* Saya mahu pi Kangar!!!! Ada bus ke tak? Ha???

Person 3: Ada ada.... dik cool sikit... ini XXXXX ma... mana mana pun ada...

Me: Tiket berapa?

Person 3: 43 ringgit saje...

Me: *paid him, get ticket* Platform mana?

Person 3: Platform satu la dik... pukul 11 tahu...

To say the truth I just don't really trust inter-state bus services in West Malaysia. Not punctual and accidents are really frequent even with good roads. However I don't have much choice at that time.

Good thing is the bus seat is pretty like business class in flights. And because I was so tired already, I slept all the way back to the far north.

However the sadness is still there though.

I am trying to MOVE ON. Yeah, life is always about moving on... Hmm...

God bless you all!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

dun ride on the cap-palang buses, get transnasional or maraliner, the buses are brand new and always punctual.