March 15, 2010

Despair for UniMAP

No, I am not talking about UniMAP’s failure for any major tournament whatsoever. I am talking about it’s very internal problem about NOT GETTING COURSES AUTHENTICATED by relevant authorities!

I was so shocked when I see a link shared by my fellow friend at UniMAP to only see this.

This is at KOSMO online today.


16 undergraduate courses out of 18 are NOT certified. It is really a shame.


As far as I am concerned, the only 2 courses which are certified are Computer Engineering and Microelectronic Engineering. All 6 diploma courses are also certified. Others? NOT YET. And nobody will know when it will ever be certified.

I have no idea whether this students’ fault, or staffs’ fault. Maybe everyone, from top to bottom should be responsible for this. STOP doing so many useless programs and CONCENTRATE more on studies please.

Yes, it’s heard that employability of UniMAP’s graduate are quite high, but it will be certainly better to have the courses certified so that the graduates are CERTIFIED as well!

In this situation, it only serves UniMAP as a very BAD advertisement.

That’s all. God bless you all.


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The Author failed to mentioned the possibility that the reason UniMAP did not obtain an accreditation is due to the authorities itself. UniMAP managed to obtain to certify two of it's pioneer courses the first time it applied for it, why then for next batch of courses, the same does not happen?
Not trying to lay blame to anybody, just some food for thought...

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