August 22, 2010

There's an instant cure for sleepiness in lectures

In a very boring lecture session...

Especially during the afternoon lectures, added with a not-really-interested mood and low stamina, sleepiness is very much not-welcomed involuntary reaction.

Sometimes you just can't help it. Or at very least, you will feel dizzy, feeling the stars above your head...

Where everything just turns upside down. Game over.

But wait, there's always an instant cure. And I tell you, it's 100% working.

CHEWING GUMS! Chewing Extra gums doesn't only clean your mouth, but also cures sleepy heads in no time. Chew one, and boom, it's gone!

And, it's better to spend 1 or 2 bucks on chewing gums per lecture, than failing in exams, right?

OK, God bless and time to study for tests hmmmm


Nana/Vivi said...

my mouth gets tired of chewing it for a long time though.. xD
-falls back to sleep-

Your Humble Servant said...

haha. what to do. need to fight this sleepy head. just keep chewing lo even though feel like wanna throw up

j_fish said...

chewing gum gives you gas. XP

Your Humble Servant said...

j_fish: what to do while there's no red bull to give me wings :)