August 26, 2010

You cannot accept hunger, and so are they

Actually, Malaysians are very lucky indeed. It's widely known that the hobby of most Malaysians is EATING. We just cannot stand being hungry.

However, in other parts of the world, many children are suffering from malnutrition. Such malnutrition could stunt their growth and have permanent bad effects on them. See this video from World Food Program.

Not forgetting those area which are severely hit by natural disasters. Remember the big flood in Pakistan and China? People there are suffering day-by-day hunger.

Since there are really a extreme shortage of food, WFP provides such food to feed them, and prevent them from malnutrition. Check them out.

Fortified blended food. Cereals blended with milk.
Micro-nutrients powder, to be sprinkled onto home-made food to provide more vitamins and minerals.
High-power biscuits. A bit like "Tiger biscuits" in Malaysia. Haha =D
Compressed food bars. Used when local food can't be produced nor distributed.
Ready-to-use supplementary food. First given when disaster broke out to treat moderate malnutrition. NOTE: This is NOT ice-cream cups :P
Also ready-to-use food. These are peanut-based with milk.

Date bars. Energy-filled snack.

The food basket. Some grains, salt, oil and soy blend. Indispensable when disaster strikes.

And of course there are efforts to push for local productions and distributions of food supply. Lot's more.

Thanks to KFC, I get to know this meaningful program to help those in hunger. I realized I just cannot turn a blind eye on this issue.

Therefore, I would sincerely ask ALL OF YOU to contribute your part by clicking the blue banner at the right bar. I have personally contributed USD1 for this cause.

Don't have credit card? No worries!

You can still contribute by buying the special pack of Post-it notepad and pen for only RM3. Come on, if you can spend 10++ bucks for KFC, surely it should be OK for you to fork out 3 bucks to do a good course.

So, the choice is yours to make. God bless. :)

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