October 22, 2010

Microcontroller 8051

Without a shadow of doubt, this is the most daunting and scary course for all diploma students, irrespective of which course.

The book
If you're really into this electronics engineering field, you will think that actually 8051 micro-controller is pretty basic. Sort of a child's play. However, for most of us, we really struggled.

Not only struggling with this book (admit that this book is good), we also have to struggle with this.

8051 trainer's board

Seems very happy to show it off

Enjoying himself? :)

Using that trainer's board, we're supposed to write a program, load into the chip, and see whether it works correctly or not.

Sadly, most of the time is NO.

However, work must carry on, whether I like it or not.

My teammate, always wanting to do work :)
The schematic diagram of the mini project.

The crazy connection from 8051 to this, to that..

All blown-up LEDs...

Trying to become a micro-controller model :)

Just try my best, and I think the rest will take care of themselves really.

God bless you all!


William said...

I love micro-controller! During my time, ie, 40 years ago, we have to program it in machine code/assembly language. Now, they are mostly objects! So programming is easier.

Why you blew up so many LEDs? I suppose you all didn't pay for them? Whatever, have fun!

Your Humble Servant said...

uncle william: we also had to start up from assembly language last semester, then this semester is more to C. Still feel assembly is much easier to understand. Still trying to love this because failure rate is so high hmmm...

some of those LED are already broken... and yea we didn't have to pay for them... :)

voip services said...

I love micro-controller