September 30, 2006

Got HIGH in Add Maths

Today, freedom was discounted up to 90% compared to last Saturday. I could not go out, nor do anything I like. Just feel glad now because at last I can blog. :)

Physics this morning was rather interesting for me, for the first time of course. The light arrows sometimes drives me crazy, but I still can understand a little from the presentation, added with teacher's explanation. Pretty good to interject their presentation at back, whilst concentrating on several Add Maths question.

Add Maths in next class just make me feeling high. Besides with some question in the given extra exercise, I hardly listen to teacher's teaching in front, while I am like a crazy Add Maths bull twisting my brain. Because of this highness, I completing teacher's exercise on textbook right on spot. You know, I am always impatient de, hahaha.

Got Seng Ying's computer later, and later I discovered that that PC is, believe it or not, 6 TIMES SLOWER THAN MINE! The CPU speed is only 433Mhz, which is only qualified for Windows 95 only. Oh, I had a hard time dealing with that super slow PC, which just challenged my patience. I believe Seng Ying had a hard time to hear my complaint from phone. Soryyya!

Have a good sleep after that, with Lina shocked me up to cook rice. Duh, I simply still not used to cook using gas stove, and Mum taught me to cook using steaming method. Pretty good lecture for me though. For the sake of my overcooked rice, all have to wait until 2010 for dinner.

Being not able to go out at night, I am stucked up at home, prayed a good rosary, then now online, chatting and blogging.

Just realised, tomorrow is the start of the Month of Rosary. For this, I dedicate this month to Mother Mary, as I know, she will always be my spiritual mother, who guides me more closer to her son Jesus, and I also know, she cares for me as her son also.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, I bestowed all of mine, to you!

Praise the Lord!

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