October 26, 2006

Home sweet home

I am very reluctant to go out today, which is quite surprising.

Unusually, I went to earlier Mass at Carmelite Chapel. I always like there because of the music, so nice to sing along with others aloud. Then while waiting for my Mum, I recited Lauds and Angelus at the school bus stop, alone of course.

By the time I was back home, I feel I just don't want to go out. With bro Mark went to school, no one will grab PC from me. Using this opportunity, I did testing for Linux. Xubuntu at first then later Ubuntu. It has superb features, nice look, sleek interface, but unfortunately, internet connection is still a major problem. Kinda angry because everyone here in Malaysia want to waste their money to buy Windows, whether it's original or counterfeited. Linux is FREE!

Just bear with it then. *sigh*

After lunch, I washed the dishes as ordered by Mum. Then Mark again nagging me to play Chinese chess with him. Oh, he's now already addicted to Chinese chess, always find chances to play, whether it's online or with me. Kinda tired, but manage to trade some jobs for him to do just to satisfy his addict in Chinese chess. He won it of course after some "training" in school. His classmates seemed to be all masters in "Xiangqi," ha ha.

Alone at home after that, with me continue to test Linux. Then have a good rosary and prayer. Still there's no urgency in me to study even a little about the coming exams. Try to forget it to do something more enjoyable. After all, the exam is only to test how much we have stuffed into our brain.

Duh, when will start a revolution in the student's world? Who can save us from the "burning furnace" of exams?

Never mind, I continue to hope for better days in God. He's my source of inspiration, hope and strength. Just like Jesus said today, let him to set fire of Holy Spirit and be burnt on earth.

This is the day that the Lord has made, rejoice then! Alleluia!

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