November 30, 2006

It's there... soon enough

Well well, what a day!

So today was well again stuffed up with training. Since there's Chung Hua Camp at HQ, so when I reach there, I took a sneak peek. Yeah, some of my friends from Youth Camp greeted me with delight, LOL, still calling "cool man!" Of course I also saw some of my long-time-no-see old primary school friends. Oh man, they are just growing more and more prettier!

Then five of us continue with the training as usual. More emphasis were on traditional-based team test now, and our trainer has lot's of questions to be brought to Kuching later. We also packed a lot of things to be brought there. I wonder why do we need so much of first aid stuffs, anyway just take it. Just hope tomorrow won't be penalized for luggage overweight lo. Hahaha....

Then after training I went to visit the camp again. It's Chinese-orientated since everyone's there is Chinese. You may think it's a racist camp, whatsoever. They looked to had fun, even the heavy rain destroyed their tents completely. I went home with a lot of "good luck" wishes from my dear friends. Hahaha....

Then back at home, I ate a full bowl of noodles, which made me full for the whole night! As usual, prayer, TV and Internet occupied my night. Still yet to study, and also yet to pack my luggage! LOL!

Hope the best in God Most High, that's all I want. I do it for the glory of God!

God bless you all!

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Kris said...

hey!! nice post!! congrats!!