December 24, 2006


It's all about peace on today's Silent Night, Christmas eve.

Anyway, it's Sunday so all of my family went to Church for Mass. I found myself quite uneasy for the later cell group meeting, where I felt really lame while in it. Anyway, had some fun also, but still lame. Sigh, only God how lame I was that time.....

Then later we quickly went back home and had some rest, in a meantime preparing for Christmas. Again like yesterday, I did anything I could to keep me awake, from drinking, online, praying and so on. It's a very hard process for me.

Anyway, I got chance to quenched my sweat when my family went to Canada Hill for some hiking adventure. It was really fun and cool, though very tiring. The hills are really high, steep, and challenging, but then felt very good to have some exercise to burn off some of my fats. I still remember once I nearly fell off to the deep valley due to poor body balancing. Luckily I didn't and very thank God for that, if not......

Not so long after that, my family went out again for Christmas Eve dinner. It was a very patience-challenging one because we have to wait long for the food. Food was just nice and OK. After that have to wait again because my parents talked a lot with the boss over there. That time my siblings and I sang and made some fun.

Upon reaching home, I have to decide what should I say in each Christmas messages. Quite a dilemma le, what should I say to express my sincere wishes le?

Overall, it's a peaceful day, as my heart couldn't wait any longer for Christmas. Hope the day will come as fast as possible, as I longed I can see the glory of my Lord!

God bless you all! Merry and blessed Christmas!

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