January 14, 2007

Bought some techies

I always like to buy some tech product for myself, but all this while only managed to window-shopped them.

But then, yesterday I finally got something for myself! It's maybe just something small matter for you, but really great for me lo....

First is this keyboard to replace the old one. Super slim, and really making very little noise. Priced RM 29 only.

SD Card reader and writer. Not really useful to me, but still buy la. Priced RM 19.

Kingston 512MB pen drive, got it after begging my father. Priced ONLY RM 49. Wonder is it a counterfeited one or not?

Also bought CD-R that time.... so...

Total: 49+19+29+6= RM 103 ONLY!

Should I put the word only? Hahaha.... still OK for me... But then make me feel sad about always using Dad's money. Hope I can make money by myself one day.

OK, God bless you all!

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