January 14, 2007

Stunning benefits of coffee

You may think coffee are only useful for curing sleepiness. Yes, of curse, but more than that. I read something about coffee at Sin Chew Daily, so allow me to share with you.

Couldn't resist the temptation of COFFEE...

Oh how nice is the seductive aroma....

First of all is it's ability to sooth muscle pain for at least 48%! Seems good news for those active ones out there! But you cannot make yourself addicted to it, as the results of it won't work well.

Chance of getting liver cancer also can be reduced if one drink one to 2 cups of coffee everyday. Researchers at Tokyo Cancer Centre has analyzed the persons who drink and don't drink coffee for past 10 years and found out this. Since coffee has lot's of anti-oxidants, so it's useful to control liver cancer.

More strikingly, especially for men, coffee can make your SPERMS more STRONGER! This is quoted from a research at St. Paul's University at USA. Probably a good news for those infertile married guys out there. LOL.... It'll very embarrassing for guys to be infertile you know....

Anyway was that, all must have healthy lifestyle in order to stay healthy, not only depending on one food only.

OK, that's all from me! God bless you all!

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