January 13, 2007

Guys, please RESPECT girls

I felt the eagerness to write about this post after seeing my friend's story about what happened on her yesterday. I can't keep myself silent when seeing my friend was hurt.

Read on if you manage to bear with it.

Honestly, I felt very bad. Girls and women always are always victimized by the lustful hearts of man. They are always less respected, treated as second-class, can be "cincai" treated, even in this modernized society. You don't believe, simply browse through the newspapers everyday and you get it.

If my friend's case happened 20-30 years ago, sure the whole city would knew it at instance. I just felt so bad that the most wonderful creations of God are always being treated like that. Men that do such things are not men at all.

To guys out there, please always respect any girls you meet. It's your special privilege to have girls as your accompany, thus treat them in the most special way you can. Don't ever tempted to do anything that they dislike, or bring disgrace to them. If you do so, you really deserved to be better off as an stupid idiot moron. Don't you know that it will leave a irremovable scar on them once you do that, even though it's seems small thing? Try la, do that to your Mum or your sister, and see what happened....

To girls, yes, you all are owed by guys much respect that you deserved. If really something happen to you, just report it, publicities it, make sure the guy learn his lesson. But then, you all must know to protect yourselves at all times. I always believe the problem is not on the girls, it's on the attitude of guys towards girls.

Yup, I am very honoured to be a feminist, to speak up for girls whom I always cherish and love, specially in my heart. It can make me feel more like a man (perasan kut?). LOL. It's only through respect, between the genders (particularly guys towards girls), that will make the world better.

God bless you all.

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