March 6, 2007

Done enough?

Mixture of feelings today, at least until now. It's always an overwhelmingly great feeling to step out from exams and take some rest. Yet, with knowing how suck I am in exams, nothing else but disappointments.

As said in iMeem, though I am trying hard to put those feelings down, but I still found myself feeling nervous upon seeing her. I didn't even dare to approach her, even as simple as friends. You know what, I felt so "shi bai", very failed person, who only knows how to watching the girl I like from far (seems like peeping) and fantasizes about her, but never really have a go.

Nevertheless, I know, now is NOT THE TIME for me to start such kind of relationships. Simple, I am NOT THAT MATURED and GOOD ENOUGH for that. And also I am also not worthy to do so. What right I have to say all those "lies of love" to girl I (so-called) love? Do I want her to be hurt by my "lovely lies"?

I know this is something that I must experience when growing up. There's nothing in this world that has been made easy for us. However, I shall continue to have hope, put all my dreams and aspirations to God in prayer. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and it's righteousness.

God bless you all!

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