November 19, 2007

Still sticking on to Friendster

Here's my simple, simple Friendster profile.

Although the hype of Myspace and Facebook is so high out there, I am sticking on to the simple, good, old Friendster.

It's because everyone is FORCING me to be in Friendster! And who tells Facebook to be so fussy about their networking rules?

Lovely comments from my friends just proves how dominant is Friendster! Mind you I have been a member of Friendster for over 2 years.

I love their comments. It's a terrific feeling to see you are noted on the Net. Haha...

But I really wanna Facebook.

I can only got stuck there. Huhuhu....

Anyway, I have to admit this is just a very boring post la. Here I bring you a slideshow on my pictures on my Friendster! Enjoy!

So hope you catch up with me on the Twitter! OK?

God bless you all!

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