January 24, 2008


I saw this advertisement from the kind Yellow Digi, and I am really moved by it.

Here's the ad.... in case you never see it before... hehe...

See there? Though I am NOT in the video, I am thinking that I am very alike to the guy, who just stutters found himself getting so nervous even to mention her name.

I am also like that, don't I?

Maybe not that serious as to never dare to even call her name. Haha! But the tingling, yet exciting, mind blurring and blowing feeling when I know that she's around or saw her somewhere, are just turning me away. It makes me wanna run away like a gutless kid.

I don't even dare to imagine myself to be like the ending of the ad. However on second thought, won't I want to be like that too? Herm??

Won't I also want to WAH???

God bless you all!

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