February 24, 2008


Honestly saying, I don't really like dogs. Especially the dog couples who keep barking day and night towards each other and the other dogs in the neighbourhood. It's really unbearable.

ONE is enough troublesome enough, with TWO, double the trouble. Faint.

And there's once I saw them mating in their cage.

What a coincidence! I knew they're going to have babies. And there goes the miracles of life. 4 little puppies were born last week. Even me the dog-hater found them cute.

My sister took pictures of them. Here are them for you to see.


Lying down with superb comfort..

Yawns little bit..

So cute!!

Perhaps you may see them all having their eyes closed, but they're still very cute, aren't they?

Sadly we have to give it away due to the space and food constraints here. So is there anyone out there wants them?

God bless you all!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

are the pups still available?
any contact num?