March 11, 2008

Cut down your electric cost

Having pain on your always high electric bills?

Yes? If so, I would like to tell you it's not actually that you always turn on the water heater, air-conditioner or the lights. It's actually the electric supplies are not efficient. This is due to:

  • Irregular electric loads (especially at urban area like Miri and Kuching)
  • High frequency spikes
  • Poor electrical parts from our damn cheap appliances.
  • Widespread of reactive materials.
Above might seem hard to hear, but trust me, with all these factors, you could be wasting about 100% power in your home. That's paying double the fees. That's WASTING. Scary man.

So I have a great solution for you.

I would really like to introduce this device, which gonna cut your electric bills by 30% even though you maintain the same usage everyday.


This RM200 device will help you filter out the inefficient energy, filter out "dirty" electric and turn it to highly-saving energy!

By plugging this device to any socket inside your house, you can get the results immediately!

See there? 45% SAVINGS!! No joke man! It's better to spend RM200 now, rather for you to spend RM1000 and above for wasted energy, right?

What's more, this will also help to prevent fire due to short circuits, which will save you another thousand ringgits on your household stuffs!

This is absolutely legal! So no worries about being caught by SESCO/TNB because this is not stealing electric!

In fact you help to save the earth by saving energy! With only RM200!

In case you're interested, feel free to email me at I will be always glad to give you more details! :D

God bless you all!

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