March 27, 2008

Don't look down on them

I am sure everyone out there doesn't really value these two coins.

Yeah, with 1 cent or 5 cents, what can you buy out there? Not even can buy a sweet!

Most of us only received these coins when we buy a lot of stuffs with 99 cents at the back, right? Or just simply tell the cashier to keep the change! And it ends up either we take too many "money craps" home or we pay them too much.

They maybe small, but when we have a lot of such coins, IT'S REALLY BIG.

That's MANY. 1000++ don't play play...

That's also MANY. 330++ also don't play play.

Months ago I have made myself to start collecting such small coins to be my pocket money. Of course, as easy it may sounds, it's not easy to collect them, apart from rigging and searching high and low in the house.

I am feeling like a robber. A stupid robber that only robs 1 cent and 5 cents coins at anywhere, from anyone. LOL

Eventually, collecting them becomes very fussy. I was scared that somebody will steal them.So I counted them and deposit in to my bank account.

But I tell you, counting them is never ever an easy task le.

Even more funnily, the amount I get is different with the bank teller's amount. So lame. Anyway those coins are safe and sound in the bank. Yeah...

Crazy man...

Speaking about bank account, I really urge everyone out there to have your own bank account, especially to my teen friends! It really helps to save money!

And I really tell you, once you see your deposits in your account passbook...

Even RM200++ seems very small, don't you think? Once realizing that, isn't it more motivating to save more??

That explains why I don't bring any $$$ in my wallet. Whenever I have RM10 or RM50, nothing else but bank in. It's so tempting to spend once I have cash.

So cool to have my own ATM card and passbook. Hehe ~~

God bless you all!

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