April 24, 2008

Disappointed with Nuffnang

I am not sure why, but I am starting to become really disappointed with Nuffnang.

Few weeks ago I did manage to earn RM11.00 thanks to your clicks. But since then I was no longer served any kind of click-based advertisements.

I know I certainly cannot compete to those big bloggers who will never have problems in getting high number of unique visitors. All I want is just the click-based ones.

Sadly, with crushed hearts, I am forced to change to putting charity ads just to keep my blog beautiful.

I know not only me who face this problem, lot's of others too. Maybe advertisers also don't want to invest money into click-based ads. Sigh.... I guess my contents and blog traffics are pissing them off.

Then I have found another advertisement network that maybe suit me.

It claim itself to be the BETTER one. I wonder, I doubt. I still don't know.

With Advertlets, I can almost secure the click-based ad, but not more traffic. However with Nuffnang, even though I lack ads, I can get more traffic through Innit, the blog aggregator where many people can notice my blog, and "nang"-to like or "dang"-to dislike my post.

I really need to thank Innit for increasing my blog traffic, even though still not as much. Thanks anyway.

But then, is there any difference if I have huge traffic and yet doesn't have ad?

Sorry everyone, I may have sounded very money-minded. But hey, I just want to be a happy blogger to make everyone happy (even though I always failed.)

I want to be a HAPPY BLOGGER!

Well, I guess I stick to Nuffnang first. Let see how it goes.

God bless you all!


Hwei Ming said...

trust me...stick to Nuffnang.. you dont want to know the truth behind adverlets!!

~YM~ said...

the major truth is that advertlets never pay. A lot of complains that they never get the money even after 4 months, some more than that. besides, i think nuffnang ads are cuter..hehe..

Anonymous said...

when u blog for money..u'll be trying too hard in the end u'll enbd up frustrated like now..

why not blog as who u are and get to know more frens and then get more readers from there..

blogging is not meant to make money if u wanna know..

David Cheong said...

Yup, I agree with yatz. blogging was never about the money in the first place and it's because of the commercialism of ads in blogs that made everybody enter the hype into blogs and think that blogs can be a major source of income.

blogs are a personal outlet to release your thoughts and don't let money hinder you.

William said...

Primary objective for my blogging is to let others read my entries. The more readers, the happier I am! However, being able to make money out of blogging is quite fun and let's not secondary objective dull our mind.
Ok, talking about advert for side income, you may notice that I actually subscribe to Advertlets. They pay peanut! They are not transparent in how they pay.The one I have is paid on page download and not by click. So far, I think I made less than 10 cents for a few 100 visits. hahaha lol. If I depend on their commission, I will get heart attack! However, I will leave it on for the time being because their adverts are actually more creative. I click and learnt quite a few things also.

On the other hand, Nuffnang is more transparent in payment structure (although there is no way to audit the "click" count). However, I also noticed that nuffnang don't serve subscriber with advert that much. There may be many reasons I can think of from reading their web site:
1. Your blog content does not match their advertisers
2. Pattern of your visitors (all from the wrong place!). eg, your visitors are mostly from Sarawak and the available advert is from Penang!
3. Nuffnang simply don't have enough advertisers
4. The advertiser runs out of money! eg, they allocated RM10K for the advert and in 2 days, the number of clicks had consumed the pot of money. So run out of budget!
5. Punishment from naffnang: you click too many times yourself and you ask your friends to do the same. This is what they call click fraud!

Nuffnang paid 25c per click. Once you have other advert, you get 15c! I think it is not worth switching to Advertlets if you are looking for $$. I don't depend on the reward other than the fun of it, so I will experiment with it and shall blog about my experience one day.