April 5, 2008

Go ahead? Or what?

I was feeling so dumb, anxious, and undecided as ever when I typed this message.

Should I just send it out and wait for response? Or should I just hold back and don't do something stupid?

Well it may just down to this famous saying that applies the best for me. That is..


I am feeling very devastated, sad and disappointed now due to my own stupidity. That could cost me to lose self-confidence, self-esteem, personal characters etc. etc. FOREVER. It was almost like a life-and-death situation for me.

I am not going to talk about it here because it sucks. However, for those who know it, please don't say about it anywhere, anytime.

Please, I am begging you.

I am feeling very sick now. Please pray for me. God bless.

1 comment:

William said...

At this age, this kind of feeling is normal as the hormone in you is active. It just shows that you are going up to a normal adulthood. Sending out those messages bring no value also because it will start a round of unwanted emotional problem as you are still unsettle. This type of feeling is very fragile at this moment of time and you will notice that it changes quite often. What I mean is that attraction to a girl is normal but attraction can change quite frequently as well. This is perhaps what we call "puppy love". You may forget as quickly when you don't see her! So, do switch your attention to something else. Widen your horizon of friends and hobby.

Your worse enemy now is your own feeling of stupidity. Don't forget that God created you in an amazing manner. You are unique and special and never stupid!