May 17, 2008

C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G Song

Oh, I could just laugh and laugh and laugh. Take a look man, it will sure put my smile on your face and brighten your day. =)

Ho ho ho, see how cute is Spongebob and Patrick. I just love that pair. So funny! Never ending jokes and quirky laughs!!

And remember, it will help, if you just sing alooooooooooong!! Hahaha!

God bless you all! And stay happy! =D


SlowCatchUpKuan said...

i love spongebob! LOL

Samuel said...

haha... spongebob... all time favourite...

Your Humble Servant said...

[slowctachupkuan] Me too! Too bad nowdays seldom watch :(

[Samuel] yeah... it always be like that