May 11, 2008

Once Crowded, Now Deserted

I spent the final hours of my holidays on driving just now. And I found myself to this place.


Mirians, still remember this place?

Yes, this is the once so-crowded ferry jetty to cross the Baram river before reaching Brunei. I still remember how long is the queue when I last used the ferry nearly 12 years ago.

Since the opening of the ASEAN Bridge (probably the costliest bridge in Malaysia?), the ferry services are terminated, and thus this place has been very deserted.

It's sad though. I would rather to have the services resumed so to provide an alternative route to Brunei. RM10 used to cross the bridge per-trip is simply crazy, especially to those who always cross the border.

A closer look on the jetty bank. Really deserted and it's in rising tide. Sign of flood? LOL

Actually can cross the river using this boat!! Only RM2! But I wonder that if he will carry just me alone? Surely no, right?

This proves somebody is destroying the forests somewhere upstream.

Speaking about ferry, I spotted 2 ferries anchored at the opposite bank. I still don't understand why they suspended their service. Sigh...

Last time, this place is used to be a buzzing little market. There was some people selling fish, tidbits, coffee shops with full house and so on, but now....

Only this little stall is still open. And other little shops all closed down, or just little customers.

I also did saw some people hanging out there, dating, heard booming music and so on. But it just cannot be compared with its past prime time. So sad.

Anyway, I must say that the Kuala Baram road is so damn smooth!

It a joy to drive a 3.0 liters engine car on such traffic-less road! I even sped up to 110 km/hour (which I know still not fast enough) that made me feeling so high. Haha....

However, why don't such double-way road be built on the Lambir area here, which are more populated? What a waste....

Coastal view is very nice. Photo taken while I was driving. Hoho~~

Anyway, it's still fun. Glad to have ended my 5-month-holiday in this short, deserted yet enjoyable trip.

With my Isuzu!!

Looking forward to go to school TOMORROW!

God bless you all!


Unknown said...

just like the penang bridge & the ferries i guess. times are changing heh

Your Humble Servant said...

[quachee] Yeah... but I really hope the services can be resumed...