July 24, 2008

First time can online at UniMAP

Finally I can online, the proper way. How fantastic is that after nearly 1 week without proper internet!

Now I know internet at library is not bad. Fast connection, no blocks, quiet, nobody disturbing me, HOW COOL! How nice that I can chat with my friends and family back home!

Life at UniMAP so far is not so bad, but also not so good either. I have just started my lecture this afternoon, which disappoints me because lecturer was talking so much Malay but the course is in English! Oh come on...

One more thing that bothers my a great deal is going to Sunday Masses. My hostel is very far from the church and I really scared I cannot make it on time every week. Not to mentioned sometimes Sunday masses are canceled. This really made me really depressed.

I think I gonna install 3G internet for myself really soon. Internet here at library is really good, but only if I have the time to spend 1 hour return trip to and fro my hostel. And it's not good that I come to library just to online without searching for more knowledge.

Needless to say, I really miss everyone (especially my female friends, no one here are like you all). I really treasure your wishes and I promise that I will never give up (especially my faith towards Jesus Christ) no matter how harsh it is.

God bless you all and please pray for me.....

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William said...

I didn't realise that I hv not visited your blog for sometimes. Congratulation for your computer engineering course. Tell yourself to calm down and put your mind in focus. Pray and ask God to help you. Ask for knowledge and wisdom like King Solomon.
Constipation problem can be serious. It may be due to stress (which I sense u hv), food especially now that u are changing eating style. Take Vit C, drink plenty of water, eat fibrous fruit like oranges, papaya and pineapple.
Ok, at the beginning, you are suffering from all kind of cultural shock, environment, uni, friends,away from home, courses, lecturers, etc. Just too much within a short time. So, take it easy, quickly find a church and settle down.

God bless, William
p/s I will come back again soon to see how you are doing.