April 22, 2009

I like motorcycles

Though I never ride on a motorbike by myself. I also never learned how to ride a motorbike as well because motorcycles are very rare in my hometown.

However, it's totally different here. IT'S DOMINATED BY MOTORCYCLES.

I love to ride on it, to be honest.

And wearing the helmet also make me feeling good and look cool. LOL.

I always get a ride with my friend to go out to buy something for ourselves, or put it simply, go out to have some fun.

It's also cool to ride on his old-fashion bike. Not too dangerous as well, as long as I have the helmet on my head.

Often times only this shop we go to buy stuffs.

As its motto calls "Always there for you", I really like 7-11.

However how I wish that stuffs inside are sold CHEAPER because everything inside is freaking expensive. Haiz...

But anyway, I still like motorcycle. Maybe when I am back, I gonna go and try to have a motorcycle license? Hmmm...

Anyway, just wanna show you how intense it is in my house.

Damn they are studying like no tomorrow. And yet I am still blogging and Facebook. *shake head*

God bless you all!

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Siti Fatimah Nabihah said...

wa.. gud la ur roomate study! hahaha(daniel)