June 24, 2009

Car broken down

I am also broken down as well. Totally not in the mood for the rest of the day.

All because of my stupidity of NOT TURNING OFF THE LIGHTS AFTER PARKING.

Even only the small lights. Very lame huh? As a result, the battery is flat.

Even though that battery is already 3 years old, if I had turned off my lights, such embarrassing incident will not happen. I was really distraught.

After long discussion with my Mum on the phone, we decided to call a shop nearby to replace the battery and drive the car home ASAP. That replacement cost about RM250! Ouch, a lot of money.

I was at home at the end of the day, but I was just not happy about how it went through.

I just hope that I won't repeat this stupid mistake in the future.

God bless you all!


jie ying said...

I saw many my frens ever did tis thing b4 la...
no one is perfect..
sometimes we oso wil careless ma...learn a lesson..
jia you (:

Your Humble Servant said...

yeah... big big lesson... trying to learn...