June 25, 2009

The LOWEST PRICED air ticket I have EVER bought

Forget about FREE air tickets. No airlines will be that stupid to give out their seats for free. It's simply not practical for them at all.

However, they are willing to be stupid to sell their at damn low price. Provided we are not that stupid la.

Here's it for you to see.

Can you see it? SEE IT WITH YOUR EYES OPENED BIG BIG! see! Can you believe it???

RM6 only!! That's beyond everything!

Thanks to the "NO ADMIN FEE" action from Air Asia, which they claim to be the first in the world.

All bookings made form June 24th onwards, admin fee will be stripped off. That's what they say la.

And to commemorate this piece of their history, they are having this quite crazy sell.

It seems that a lot of people out there are crazy that it's quite hard to even access booking site, let alone completing the whole booking process. I purposely include it their disclaimer as a proof how HOT it is now...

But ah whatever, all I care is to get this damn dirt freaking cheap ticket for me to play!! Hahaha..

Try your luck now there! Haha.. Who knows you might get yourself a very cheap getaway..

God bless you all!

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