July 29, 2009

H1N1 makes me crazy

*Post edited to eliminate abusive and offensive words contained here. I am sincerely sorry if I hurt anyone by those words. *

Since 2 days ago, my campus is all but getting more and more glamourous because of this freaking H1N1.

I think I don't need to tell what the heck is this disease. Ever since I return home at the month of May, this virus has spread to about 1000 cases in Malaysia. How cool is that...

The virus defies all odds and several students has been confirmed or suspected to have these diseases. Due to this, all classes were grounded and all students are required to do health screening.

Which in result, yielded MORE SUSPECTED CASES.

Those who were suspected are to be quarantined in the top floors of this block. And this only includes diploma guys. Others are quarantined elsewhere. Can you see the seriousness?

An ambulance is standing by 24/7, just in case anything happens. For example, all guys here gone mad without control for seeing sexy ladies. LOL.

I shall not talk more about the health screening because the whole process sucked big time. No system at all.

As a consequence of this outbreak, masks are in hot on sale.

Only at this time, people will learn to be obedient to the authorities and use masks.

Even though the mask is so freaking expensive. 80 cents? Damn I can have a good meal with that money!

Put it simply, I just don't like to wear mask. No, I don't want.

It's totally a big hassle because you can't even breathe properly! When I exhale, the mask becomes so hot and so uncomfortable! And no, it's does not make me more handsome!!!

I just this madness be ended as soon as possible. Enough is enough.

As I typed now, I heard another Malaysian died from this virus, which is transmitted locally. Oh man...

Keep hoping for the better... however if possible I really don't want to wear that mask ok...

God bless you all!


Siti Fatimah Nabihah said...

hurm... i get it for free..
erm,still wondering wat to wear bor

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm truly baffled by your blog. At the top you talk about the Lord and devotion to him, then two seconds later you mock people with mental retardation calling them retards. Huh? What's with that? What do you think Jesus would say? I bet he would say that you can't say you look like a retard because you hurt others with your mean words. He would say that he loves retards as much as he loves you. Shameful buddy.

Your Humble Servant said...

well, i don't say others look like retards, do I? It's how you would like to perceive what I am trying to convey... to mock, or to joke ONLY ABOUT MYSELF?

To make myself clear, I only saying myself "looked like a retard" when wearing that mask cos I just don't like it. Clear?

Again I ask, did I say others look like retards? No, right? Did I put a photo of a lot of people wearing mask and saying them as retards? Again, no, right?

And I really don't like to hurt people in my blog... you can see it in my posts that I never (if not really) saying anything bad about other people....

Anyway thanks for viewing my blog... your comment made me more aware of my words from now on... thank you.. God bless...

Anonymous said...

Okay, what you said was you looked like a retard. Do you think all retards look alike? Do all Asians look alike?No? Well either do all people with special needs. You also sound like you are totally back peddling with your response.
The truth is that until you have a family member with special needs you never get how painful and dehumanizing the word retard is.
What if every time I did something stupid I said I look like I'm Malaysian (implying that Malaysians are stupid or funny looking). Wouldn't you just hate that? Now imagine what it's like to have special needs, you're vulnerable and you can't defend yourself.
All I'm asking is for you to realize that what you said caused a lot of pain. I know that wasn't your intention but that's what happened.

Your Humble Servant said...

OK, I know that. If I had hurt anyone (and obviously hurting you, Hannah) unintentionally, I sincerely offer my apologize.

I will make some adjustments to the posts.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! You've made my day. Your effort is truly appreciated.
All the best (and I hope you don't get the flu). My daughter had it in June. It's pretty terrible.

Your Humble Servant said...

Post edited. Again I am sincerely sorry for my indifference.

I'll pray for your daughter, hopefully by God's grace, and the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary, may she get well one day.

God bless.