August 14, 2009

At airport again

Sometimes the journey to airport in Alor Star is not easy at all.

After a long 90++ minutes bus ride, I have to walk to the terminal. Sounds easy, but look at this...

It was a gruesome 1-kilometer-walk ok. And as you can see, there are drizzles at that moment. No blue skies, only dark clouds hovering the sky.

Since I arrive quite early, it's still very quiet down here.

Roughly the airport is a 2-storey building. What you see there is upper storey which is the departure. Downstairs is arrival hall. Still very much deserted at around 7pm.

As a consequence,

Check in counters are not yet opened. Don't ask me why there are steel barricades around the check-in area.

OK la, wish me a safe journey back home! God bless you all!

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