September 19, 2009

Didn't eat THIS for a LOOOOONG time

WARNING: May not be suitable for some readers. Readers' discretion and open-mindedness advised.

Ever since I left for studies, I have not eaten THIS for a very long time. Or rather, very seldom eat this delicacy. LOL

Guess what is this?


Not just any porridge, it's home-cooked porridge! Added with minced pork, duck egg yolk and smooth purple rice! Fuhlamak damn nice!

However, it will turn even nice if added with the frills!

Eggs, pre-mix pork, peanuts, and anchovies. Put them all together and it will give you an awesome bowl of porridge! Hahaha!

Love my mum for cooking that wonderful porridge! Wow! Haha!

God bless you all!


♥PinG♥ said...

i love purple porrige..

Teo's brother said...

Looks like you are well aware of the meaning of "halal"....lolz...