October 13, 2009

New kind of Lab

Yesterday I attended a lab session which was quite different from all other labs.

This time we have to deal with some unfamiliar environments and lab equipments. To add salt to the wound, the confusing lab modules are not helping us at all.


This picture is just trying to give you an idea of how this lab had to be conducted. We have to be in a group of 6-7 people due to the limited space and quantities of the machines. So, the lab was in a mixture of hardworking, want-get-everything-right people and lazy, let-them-do-everything people.

Unfortunately, I was the latter kind of people, at first. Hehe… :p

Image0061 Too blur until willing to put up a “cute” face for me. :)


He’s also like very blur, so just kneel on the chair to see us how to do.

Actually my group is among the pro inside the class. My group managed to get the assembly done really fast.

Image0062The technician examined the connection before allowing us to turn on the power supply.

Image0064 The complete view of the lab machine. With a peace sign, :)

There are others big machines in this lab as well. Actually, quite a lot of machines. Hmmm…

Image0065 A big-sized transformer. Looks very dangerous and explosive.

Image0066Some more generators on the floor. For me, they looked like gas tongs. Or maybe fire extinguishers.

 Image0068There are some of these DC motor cum generators available here too. This can either spin your head right round, or electrocute you till become “roasted human.” So, beware. :)

Last but not least is this handheld device.

Image0067This is to measure the RPM or a rotating/moving object. It is quite fun to use because it will shoot a beam of laser when you use it.

Something like this.


LOL, I was so speechless…. :)

Anyway it was a good lab and glad to have this new experience. :) Hopefully can cope well with any labs coming in my way! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! :P

God bless you all!

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Siti Fatimah Nabihah said...

it was fun bebeh.. hehe