October 13, 2009

Very environmental-unfriendly event

In the recent propaganda talks organized by university last Saturday, foods are given free for all to eat. Which is good to everyone, considering how much we have to suffer inside that seminar hall.

Yes, I should be happy with it because I didn’t need to spend money. However, these sights concern me very much.


University is still resorting to use POLYSTYRENE as plates and cups. I don’t know if they are even aware of the environmental crisis, that our landfills are probably packed with hills of polystyrene.


See these cups over there! They’re probably only used ONCE. After that, they were into the bin. What a waste!

For plates, I even see people used them just to PAD the nasi lemak, which is already packed with WAX PAPER! That’s very ridiculous!

What to do, that’s their policy, I just gotta follow it, angry about it, and post my anger here. That’s all.


The cup in my hand is so short-lived to be used properly. But it takes forever to dispose it. :(

However, having said so, somebody made some smart use from those plates. Let me show you!


They used them as FANS! How easy and how handy to tackle the hot, packed and sweaty conditions of the hall! Hehehehe so smart.

God bless you all!

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