November 1, 2009

Hungry? Grab a SNICKERS?

Yes, it may look like a familiar advertisement line seen on TV, just that now I put an extra question mark on it.

SNICKERS has been a premium imported chocolate bar, which is sold on almost all supermarkets and convenience store.

I have been craving it for very long, for no obvious reasons, and finally this morning I got a taste of SNICKERS.


It’s a chocolate bar, filled with nougats, nuts, caramels, so on so forth, which could make someone with a small hungry stomach full at anytime.

Contrary to the advertisements, the inside only looks like this.


Anyway, I must have to satisfy myself after forking out RM3.20 to buy this. YES, IT’S VERY PRICEY! Goodness be, why is it has to be so expensive? Can’t it be as cheap as Cloud 9 Classic? Hmmm…

It’s a very expensive Sunday All Saints Day, I have to say. Very sad.

God bless you all!

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