November 21, 2009

No. 1 thing at Padang Besar

I am pretty sad because I went to this border town for only 2 times a year. I would say this place is really an awesome place.


I said it’s an awesome place, but it’s not because of its shopping of Thai goodies.


Gapura Square, the main shopping arcade. Note it’s not air conditioned.

SDC11230 Gotta walk through these small lanes with unenthusiastic sellers. They didn’t seem urgent to sell their stuffs.

Also not because I can be fascinated by influx of Thai motorbikes.


Not also the presence of so-called duty free watch shop, which only sells hyper expensive watches (some are over 100K).


But this is where Padang Besar makes sense for its BORDER TOWN status.


YES, duty free complex which is located after Malaysian Checkpoint, before crossing the actual Thai border.

What’s even more important inside is THIS.


I CAN GET DIRT CHEAP LEGAL BEER. YES, you heard me right, 100% legal cheap beer!

Not only beer, the liquor section here is simply fantastic and freaking cheap!

SDC11242 Want a bottle of Chivas for less than 50 bucks? Find it here!


Wide selection of wines, whisky, brandy, gin, rum, you name them, all at really low prices!

For example, guess how much is this 500ml can of Heineken sold here?


FYI, it’s only sold for RM3.90! Walao eh! And I don’t think I can never find this at normal shops anywhere else!

That’s why I say, for me a beer freak (not really la, but close LOL), no.1 thing in Padang Besar, is surely BEER section at duty-free complex.

Probably because of that that earned my friends and I a free urine test by National Anti-Drugs Agency when we were going back. Hahaha!

God bless you all!


Mr Noble said...

been there once. its a shoping heaven for women :D

monica said...

i never been there..OMG,i guess all the things they sold are cheap is it?? :)

Your Humble Servant said...

mr. noble: and should be good for men too, a lot of football jerseys and cheap smoke and booze

monica: well, guess just come up north and see it for yourself. I think must really bargain hard. And it's easier to bargain with traders outside of the mall :)