November 27, 2009

Altera Penang Trip after exam

Sincerely I would really love to thank my School of Computer and Communication Engineering of UniMAP to organize such trip at the end of this semester.

It’s really a welcome move for us after such a hectic semester, even though they know our batch maybe is not the best students they have. Furthermore, this industrial exposure trip prevented me to join a very dreadful camp. Haha

So all started off at 0630 hours at Friday, December 20th, 2009.


We were so disappointed because we were told to be on time, and yet the officials were not on time. We waited for an hour here for nothing.


Perlis skyline with clouds hovering over the sky.


This is my classmates, occupying one bus and all smiles :)


My friend Zaim has his own first class seat at the back of the bus, a flat-bed for himself! Haha!


We started to get crazy.

So off goes the 2-hour journey.


Managed to take a sneak peek of our new permanent campus near Perlis – Kedah border. It’s very far from any towns. Like being in a jungle.

After 2 hours, we reached Penang island and to my big amusement, we went to Queensbay Mall first. Really surprised.


So, whatever, we just played there for another 3 hours.


Start off with Mcdonalds, that ice cream only cost 1 buck. :)

After some more roaming, I went to Sushi King.


I would say this Sushi King is very cool. I can call a waiter, even the boss, almost anytime and very easily! My green tea cup was always filled up to the brim. Great service!


The machine where they make their rice to make sushi.


So this is my first round. Enjoy enjoy…


A type of rice sandwiches. Very cool indeed and worth it!


This is one of the premium ones, with a lot of salmon and the fish eggs. Hehehe….

So after all those playing, we made our way to Altera in a big industrial estate.


In this building, we were ordered to wear shoe covers. I wonder why…


Then we had an awful long talk in the lecture room.


It was afternoon and sleepy heads were totally unavoidable. Just like this.


I was too sleepy too because the slides were really boring and very machine-like. Hmmm.



Luckily we have this guy coming out to cheer us and get us all fired up.


He showed us a lot of tools. And gave us a feel and touch them.


This small stuffs is actually can cost up to thousands of US dollars.  A broken small pin and it’s gone. Don’t play play.


This 18-layer printed circuit board is probably cost as much as a car.


Ah, this one is cheap stuffs, hehehe…


This shows us how packaging and labelling is done in Altera. And that’s a long long long story.

After another talk, we were brought around to see the plant.

Altera is actually not a manufacturing company, but only to design, test products and send them to overseas to produce it, before selling them.


This is the place for engineers.


Their working cubicles are like this, very personal and I guess pretty comfortable. They have a lot of empty cubicles, so perhaps I can go here to work some day. :)


They also have gyms, good for everyone to exercise. :)



She’s our guide tour for our group. Not bad la, explain a lot of stuffs to us. I managed sneak in a picture hahaha…


This is the exciting part, but sadly we didn’t get to get in there. This is the testing factory where everything is tested.


Look they are doing their stuffs inside! Fantastic.

So the tour ended in just 15 minutes or so. Before we left, we took our only class photo of the semester. :)


Being with you guys are just great, you know, all of you made my days at university much better. :)


So, after crossing the Penang Channel, back to Perlis where boredom rules. LOL

So far it has been good holiday for me. Hehe I will talk about it later.

God bless you all!


Abby said...

hahaha guess what? your "this guy coming out to cheer us and get us all fired up" is my dad!!

Your Humble Servant said...

[AM] LOL! really? hahaha!