December 11, 2009

VIP treatment?

My brother and I went to watch the movie “2012” a couple of days ago. As always, I parked my car at Civic Center (better known as Dewan Suarah) in order to save parking coupons. Hehe…

So off we went to watch movies and had some fun. When I come back, both of us are so amazed that this happens to our car.


Whoa, I never expect somebody to actually pitch a tent above my car! Maybe they think that my car will be overheated, and the driver will be very uncomfortable or something else. Hey man, I really appreciate that! Haha!


On the other hand, I would like to share a quite bad experience at Sushi King Miri.

Since my parents were not at home, my brother and I again went to Sushi King for our Sunday lunch. Having that good experience before at Penang and Miri, I expect another good experience here.

NO, I WAS WRONG. The restaurant was damned packed that we were lucky not to queue for our seats.

So both of us sat on the bar-style seat, where we’re supposed to get the sushi on the conveyor belt easily. Again, I WAS WRONG.

This is what I saw on the conveyor belt.


Totally nothing, what to eat?


See how empty it is! Can hardly to choose anything! :(


The same story here. Can see a glimpse of the boss who had a very hard time arranging the customers, plus yelling those Japanese words of “Welcome”, “Thank you” etc. Aren’t Sushi King employees supposed to yell those too? I remember the people of Sushi King Queensbay Mall kept yelling Japanese all the time. Haha!

See how la, I believe this is just one of those days. Probably I am going to eat there again during low peak times. Hehe… wanna join me? :)

God bless you all!

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