December 20, 2009


I mean Japanese Bento set at Sushi King. I don’t know why recently I am just so crazy about Japanese food and also Sushi King (despite all those negative reviews about them in Miri).

So the Bento looked like this.


For some 16 bucks (lame service charge and tax excluded of course), I can have some rice, a bit fresh vegetables with lime, pickles, unagi fish, chicken, omelette, prawns, and so many stuffs, packed with rice in this kind of cute box. Ah, that Mat Kool ice cream as well.

At first glance, I felt that it might just looked like a on-board flight food!

Is it worth it? Well I think it’s OK and suit my budget well. I also felt quite full (not really 100%) after having that bento.  Having it with friends also adds to my satisfaction. :)

Hope I can have Sushi King again before I leave Miri next week. Huhu…

God bless you all!

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