March 21, 2010

KFC Colonel Briyani rice

I am always a fan of KFC, and when I heard this new product from the radio, I just can’t wait to try it.


Colonel Sander showing off the new product. I am actually more excited because this is the 1st time KFC introduce something new for their rice menu. We as Asians should always eat rice, not freaking potatoes.

As you can see from the suggested servings, it consists of a piece each of original and spicy fried chicken, a spice soup, Coke, rice and an alarm clock, all for about 15 bucks. You can opt not to have alarm clock for about 10 bucks.

Hmmm however I chose to take Jom Jimat Set A (which only cost RM6.20 so damn cheap) since the rice is there as well!

Here is it!


The rice is certainly more dark yellow than before. Surprisingly it’s also so nice to eat! One can feel the spices’ aroma when the rice is in the mouth. Coupled with coleslaw and chicken, it’s simply fantastic!

I would say this is a definite thumb up from KFC after too many overpriced new products. Go Go KFC! Haha :)

God bless you all!


gorshan said...

and they called it royal too. i wonder whether maharajah badawi gave his royal seal of approval for this dish?

Haitian Nightmare said...

I love rice. To bad i'm at boarding school, i can't try the rice. But i think its a good idea

haitian nightmare said...

Why wont anyone comment on what i said