April 7, 2010

My MUET slip

I just received my Malaysian University English Test (MUET) registration slip from hostel management office. To be honest, I am very eager to know the dates and where I am going to have the daunting test.


I opened it without further ado. Yes, I am certainly excited LOL


So here are the details of the exams. Thankfully, I am going to have my speaking test at May 4th, which is before the date that I have booked my flights home. Phew really relieved.

Furthermore, the school where I am going to have my test is also not that far away. Probably a bike ride will get me there already. Hmmm

To be honest, I have done NOTHING AT ALL for my MUET. I am thinking my former F6 classmates have to prepare for about a year for MUET, and yet it’s about 3 weeks before MUET and I have done absolutely nothing.

What the heck…


I have bought this MUET book since 2008, before I went to Form 6. It’s with me now here, but till now I have yet to really take a read from it. I am such a bad bad student. :(

Anyway, I will just do it. :)

God bless you all!

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Raikoken07 said...

Wakao oh you...Do some briefing ASAP. Lol, you're gonna need my prayers for you then. XD