September 26, 2010

Got a new watch =D

I have started my search of a new watch ever since my last one failed big time during my flight back to Perlis.

Watch is very indispensable time-keeping tool. Forget about mobile phone, watch is THE ONLY thing that can tell you the time, when you need it the most.

So, after searching high-and-low throughout the state of Perlis, I finally settled for this baby.

Packed nicely in a lush box. See it's CASIO Edifice series.
It may be cheap, but no play play one haha

Tada.... I really like it. Simplistic and yet so stylish. No cheap plastic feel.

I also bought myself a very cool shirt at Padang Besar earlier on.

I was so happy to grab this imitated Red Bull Racing team shirt. While I may not drink Red Bull often (prefer coffee anyway), the brand really fascinates me. Red Bull Racing is also doing good in Formula 1 now, so I like that team, apart from Lotus.

With only 40 bucks, I think it's a great value, considering it could be up to 400 bucks if I buy the original ones. Hmmm

We tried to make it like a "presentation" lol

A supporter of Red Bull Racing, trying to look cool.
GO GO GO! Come on Mark! Come on Sebastian!

Hopefully these will at least make my life a little bit better. However, God remains the ONLY source of true happiness.

God bless you all. Signing off.


Adam said...

Pretty cool watch. I like to carry a pocket watch myself. I don't like having something on my wrist for some reason.

Your Humble Servant said...

adam: pocket watch? never seen it before...

ken said...

cool watch =)

ardinihumaira said...

edifice! memang cool!

L Garcia Muro said...

Happy New Year, may you continue to keep the Lord in your heart and share the love that God has created for all of us.

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Pretty cool watch

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