September 26, 2010

Some junkyard

My friends and I visited a junkyard, on the very day most of us just arrived back from our respective hometowns.

All for doing the safety project and presentation AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE.

Thanks to the Indian owner, and my friend's politeness and their Tamil language skills, we gained EXCLUSIVE uncensored access. 

From the outside

Lots of aluminium cans, nicely packed into giant sacks.

Disused, written-off electrical appliances are all here.

Excavator is ready to smash everything in front of him.

A mountain of scraps.

Some wooden planks above a fish-breeding pool.

Piles of papers. So wasteful, yet someone else saw gold.

A dog lies down in peace. 

Another disused taxi car out there.

Inside a totally crapped car. Parts are all stripped down bare.

Luckily we managed to finish this project from zero in just a night. I think we did well in our presentation as well. So, kudos to my partners for their hard work.

Life keeps going on. God bless you all.

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