August 29, 2006

Doing nothing much, but tired

This day starts off with STOMACHACHE! I could sense it already when I am on the way to school. My stomach starts "revolting" again in Mass. Towards Doxology, I can feel I am almost fainted, and just could not stand it anymore. Therefore, I rushed in the toilet. Too bad cannot receive Holy Communion, but I always think about Jesus and pray in toilet. Thank God, I am rather well after that, just only that slight disappointment.

As for tests, Maths gives me the greatest joy as I beat all the arch rivals to claim the top spot! I am not acting or behaving proud now, but it worths it after much time trying.

How happy I am! Praise the Lord! Oh yeah....

Physics, Biology and Moral all are beyond the danger level, that still keeps me a clean sheet for not failing any subjects ever in St. Joseph Secondary School. I am not trying to be proud OK!

Prefect's duties are as usual, where I am busy taking photos during the Merdeka Convoy. Some naughty guys approached and asked a lot of questions after I asked them to pose for photographs. Guess I will be busy with my camera again in the coming functions.

Afternoon was like nuts to me. It's so boring, doing nothing, and yet I come home with an almost flat engine. I even slept for few times in tuition. Feeling so lonely, very lonely without the presence of my loved ones.

OK then. I treasure all my dreams to God! He is my stronghold and my strength!

God bless you all!

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