September 8, 2006

Frustrated at start, happy at end

This what I have written this morning, in Physics period.

"Feeling so frustrated now. Frustrated because today is supposed to be a joyful day.

"Oh yeah, it should be joyful for me as today we celebrate the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary. It's my Holy Mother's birthday, don't play play.

"Luckily, I managed to storm off the Physics PEKA just now. It's the experiment in which I maybe can memorize after written about it many times already in last 2 exams. Feeling relieved, but also feeling angry to Physics subject.

"I don't like Physics, really don't like it. Nothing in Physics draws my interest. I am not criticising the teacher, but the subject alone. Maybe is the opposing character that I tend to oppose the favourites. I know, Physics is among the favourite subjects for the elite students (excluding me). They like it, they love it, they enjoy it, but it's a strong no for me.

"I just don't like Physics. Yeah, it's......."

Not yet done with my writing, I am called for my rejected PEKA. Feel so dejected. Why don't just take it, and give a low grade for me? Try my best to do another one, even do the experiment myself. Many at 4S3 said that I am very serious that time, oh yeah, I am. Why? You just don't know how annoyed I am at that time.

Not enough with that, I released it when penalised during Add Maths lesson. I said to Lik Wong loudly that I deserved this penalty for my stupidity. So stupid until don't how to buy a new book, or even put papers on it. Many looked at me that time, and since that I am getting cooler and cooler.

Then at the 90 minutes break before Chinese class, I went to the beach to release all of my erupted anger. Relaxing to see the yachts far away, remembering my dream to go sailing one day. I slept there for 30 minutes on a bench, trying to put the fire at heart off.

Well, it's still an OK day for me. Emma is surprisingly came back Miri today at 1630 something. I thought she's going home at tomorrow, but whatever, I am glad that she's back. And due to tuition and transport, I could not watch the singing competition, which I heard that it's interesting even not much are watching.

That's my eventful day. Thank God for his strength for perservere me to go through all the hi's and lo's in my life.

God bless you all!

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