September 9, 2006

Happy man prevails

I am still happy at the end of the day, right now sitting in front of PC to blog. Hehehe.... :)

Everything went well for me in the morning. The Add Maths extra class, though wrecks my weekend, was not a boring one. It's also much quieter after many of my classmates joins next door for an earlier class. Plus, I am listening much as I was doing my own Add Maths at the very back of the class, with super fast speed that will never slow down.

Then I took at transit at town, where I have another creamy Cornetto Royale for myself before taking a bus home. Being at home was rather boring. I was still in quiet fire with my mum for my refusal to go to Kuching High Camp in coming December. I don't really know is it necessary to be angry for that. To me, the future is decided by me (of course God is the source), so is my coming holiday plans.

That camp, I think, will cannot compete with the camp in which Emma participated last 2 weeks. It has some marine activities, which I love it but never have the chance to try it. That Kuching High Camp, will be just another traditional Red Crescent camp, where I have been through in last 2 years.

So, why say yes even it's in Kuching? No point saying yes, so I refused. Easy enough.

Afternoon proves to be very boring, indeed. I can't stand it, so just went to sleep. In that sleep, I had a very strange dream. It's indescribable, the most I can remember that I said out sa\ome bad words, and also somebody threatening over someone else. Gangsterisme I guess, L.O.L. Hope I won't be in such things.

After that, I just prepare myself to the singing competition. The unhappy looks from my mother, sister and brother quite annoyed me. If they don't want to go, well just tell me and let me go alone! I also don't want them to go there with a bad mood. *SIGH*

So all of us went there. Saw Priscilla, Xian Mei and their gang busy preparing for their performance. They called themselves "Happy Girls", and to me, they performed better than others because they are mobile on stage. Others are just like trees, though some really good at singing. Happy for them also although winning nothing, for their bravery and guts on stage in front of many people.

Also went to take a peek of the 3P camp. Nothing much. Seems relaxing. Seems easy. I also don't how to comment anything on them. Just keep my mouth shut to play safe.

Back home after some unnecessary supper. Rosary and vespers as usual gives much satisfaction in the Lord. That wraps my day today, hope you won't be bored by this long post!

God bless you all!

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